Become Aware if you Dare Friday

December 7, 2018

This week we will be looking at McDonald's as a business and topics you should be thinking of when talking about a certain business during an interview.


1. Social Media:

McDonald's uses their social media to promote items on their menu and new items to come. McDonald's has the largest number of followers but they company does not reply to their social media quires on certain platforms and only replies if they are positive comments on other platforms in comparison to other companies that have a high response to their customers. McDonald's does monitor the feedback to consider what a majority of the customers want which is how they decided to do all day breakfast.


2. Personal Brand:

A personal brand is what the public associates the company with. McDonald's brand is that their menu is supposed to be cheap especially for children’s meals and their saver menu. It is also supposed to be filling with the amount of food they provide. Their salty fries are also known as being the best fast food fries! McDonald's is also associated with the Ronald McDonald charity which houses families near the hospitals while their children are in treatment for a serious medical condition. There are days throughout the year where proceeds from the stores go towards the charity or certain local McDonald’s might provide some form of support for an event happening in their area.


3. Innovative and fast growing brand:

McDonald’s is a worldwide chain fast-food restaurant so it is hard to make changes to all of the locations at once as each one is run by a different team of people. However, McDonald's is trying to become technologically innovative. The company has installed self-service boards in the restaurant so people do not have to wait in line to provide their order, and they also have an app to order on. McDonald's is moving towards trying to rid the issues of ordering on the drive thru. Most locations currently have two drive thru lines but the restaurant realizes this is not enough so they have paired with smart car technology to enable customers in the future to not have to wait in a drive thru line but have the same concept as the old drive-in food places. Customers will be able to order from their car and have the food brought out to them in the parking lot.


4. How can they improve?

McDonald’s keeps changing. They tried to introduce a healthy menu to target the population that was not going to McDonald’s due to health issues. However, McDonald’s is not known for healthy food so it did not go over well people would prefer to go to fast food places known for being healthy if they wanted to be healthy. The company has also expanded their menu to try to compete with other chains and offer more of a choice but it hurt their quality of food and increased wait times. People expect service at McDonald’s to be fast so obviously increased wait times hurt business. McDonald’s is going to begin to allow customers to choose their own toppings for their burgers in a ‘build your own’ concept however I believe this will slow down wait times and upset customers that do not have the patience to think of everything they want on a burger. Customers indirectly need to be told what they want or need with the amount of choices and decision making available in today’s society. I think they need to keep and original menu instead of consistently introducing new changes perhaps just introduce one new item annually. The chain needs consistency. They are known for being fast so they should not be doing anything that compromises that quality.







Happy holidays everyone! 

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