Take a Deep Breath: Coping with Exam Stress

November 10, 2017

As exam season lures, just round the corner, second-year law student Lauren Puttick, provides tips and tricks to help us stay stress-free during this trying period… 


 Exam season is a time that most students will inevitably feel stressed and possibly even isolated, especially if you’re a law student.  Not only is being stressed an unpleasant feeling but most people absorb far less information when they’re stressed, which isn’t good news for your revision.  To help you stay sane throughout the next few months we’re sharing some tips on how to keep the stress to a minimum in the build up to the exams and on the day, itself.  


Being organised is going to be your (not so secret) weapon! Although we all need a break occasionally, now is the time you need to be selfish with your time. This is your investment into your education. If you feel that you need to stay in and revise at the expense of your social life, then stay in. Your friends will understand.   

  • Buy your exam materials now if you haven’t already- you do not want to be stressing that you can’t get hold of the correct edition of the book or the statute in time for the exam. If you order them now, then they will arrive in good time for your exams.  

  • If you’re one step ahead of the game and have already done that, begin to highlight the important points  (IF that is permitted in your exam, please check). The general rule is you can highlight in two colours only OR underline. You cannot fold the pages of statutes, have post it notes etc. Doing this in advance and not the night before the exam means that you’ll have a chance to familiarise yourself with where the appropriate statutes are in the book which saves time in the exam, it also means that you know you’ve highlighted every important statute and know you haven’t missed anything.  


  •  The exam timetables have been released. This means get your diaries, post it notes or phones and put the date, time and venue in there and underline it, highlight it, do whatever you choose, just do not forget it!  

  • You’ve probably already started revising and should know the areas you’re weakest on –focus on these a little bit each day to avoid an information overload.  Follow your revision timetable and if nothing is going in then take a break or switch up your revision (if you need help with revision techniques then click here)  




Positive Stress Relief  

Here are some ways to begin to feel human again that don’t involve coffee or a sneaky drink (if you’re 18 or over):  

  • Go for a walk 

  • Draw or colour  

  • See some friends  

  • Play some dodgy 90’s music and dance  

  • Yoga  

  • Exercise   

  • Hot bath or shower  

  • Bake a cake  

  • Meditation

Leading up to the exam
We’re about to sound like your parents but trust us, it works!  


  • Get enough sleep!  Pulling an all-nighter can be tempting but you will function far better if you’ve had the right amount of sleep  

  • Eat Healthier- Give yourself the energy you need to go and kick exam butt!  

  • Drink lots of water-  Keep yourself hydrated so you don’t get headaches  

  • Have a small break – There’s always a lot to do but you are human 

  • If you do feel down, then please talk to someone. Whether that’s friends, family or the University support network- Do not feel alone!

    The Big Day  

  • Pack your bag and look up the time and venue of your exam the night before 

  • Wake up early(ish) so you don’t have to stress

  •  Have breakfast 

  • Arrive at your exam early

  •  Be confident- you’ve got this












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