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Brooke McNeil

November, 2018

Brooke is living proof that if you want to, you can be organised and do it all. Since taking up the position of Blog coordinator (a position originally shared between 2 people) a week ago, Brooke has stepped up to create relevant, well written and enagaging content for the Law Society blog. She works quickly and efficiently, and takes initiative. We’re so lucky to have her on board, and we can’t wait to see where she takes the blog!

Blog Coordinator, City Law Society


Tuna Kunt

August, 2018

Before her role in City's Students' Union, Tuna was a dedicated member and leader of the Law Society. Apart from being an excellent leader of our society, Tuna was extremely supportive on an individual level as well. She was innovative and brought many new ideas to the society that we will strive to continue!

Vice President Education, City Students' Union

Ronald 'Ron' Douglas

May, 2018

Ron has gone above and beyond his call of duty when it comes to working with the Law Society. He has let us use City Bar on numerous occasions, gone out of his way to accommodate our members, events and needs. He even goes as far as to support our society members individually in their endeavours and is an all round caring and genuine person. But most of all, it is his passion for what he does and his ability to create a community where students feel included and involved that make him our Human of the Month. Thank you for being you Ron!

Manager, CityBar

Hannah Brown

February, 2018

Hannah is one of the most hardworking and dedicated people at City! She has helped us organise countless events over the last two years and has always shown a super-human level of patience with us! She will be leaving City Students’ Union this month and we hope that her new journey is full of Law Balls and Society Journals and that she comes across other kind and ambitious humans like herself! 

Societies Coordinator, City Students' Union


Elliot Schatzberger

October, 2018

There is no personality larger than Elliot's that occupies a facility position in the City Law School. With the new academic year beginning, students should know where they can confide in confidence; Elliot will have just the right advice to get you through your legal studies. 

Special Lecturer, City Law School


Dr David Seymour

July, 2018

This month’s Human of the Month is a man who has a knack for making sure all his students feel encouraged and well - supported and positive about getting through their 3 year degree. Apart from being a stellar academic professor, David is involved with supporting the Law Society and the Law Journal. Thank you David for making us all feel like we’ll make it, despite the challenges. We appreciate all that you do for us!

Senior Lecturer, City Law School

Shabana Elshazly

April, 2018

Shabana is a first year LLB Law student who has taken on a substantial responsibility in the Law Society’s Journal and exceeded expectations with the work she has done. Her time and energy has been much appreciated and her efforts show greatly through the role she played in producing the Journal this year. Her drive and enthusiasm is of constant awe and inspiration to us all at the City Law Society.

Assistant Editor, City Law Society Journal

Amaney Ehtash

January, 2018

Our first Human of the Month is Amaney! She is a hard working, kind and ambitious second year law student, aspiring to be a Human Rights barrister in the future. In addition to her secretary tasks and her support with social and professional events, she has created the City Law Society website! 

Secretary 17/18, City Law Society

Shabbir Headshot edited .jpg

Shabbir Bokhari

September, 2018

Under Shabbir's guidance the Editorial team produced an outstanding journal that exemplifies everything that is best about student written and edited work - all while completing the GDL! Shabbir exemplifies not only what makes a great City Student, Committee Member and friend but also what makes an amazing human, and thatʼs why, despite his deep and vocal protestations, he is our Human of the Month!

Editor-in-chief 17/18, City Law Society Journal 

Dr John Stanton

June, 2018

This HoM has been a stellar lecturer to many of City’s law students before taking a sabbatical, during which his book “Public Law” was published. He brings humour to his classes, and is always willing to engage with his students be it through lectures or his Twitter feed. Dr. Stanton makes an effort to connect and relate to his students, and is always available outside teaching time to provide additional support, review practice questions or simply have an intellectual discussion. Thank you for being so encouraging and supportive! Find his book here!

Senior Lecturer, City Law School

Olesea Matcovschi

March, 2018

Olesea is a hardworking dedicated individual who strives to make sure that the student benefit is the cornerstone of her day to day life. She has inspired many people to make sure they are always prepared and ready to embrace the day, everyday.

President 17/18, City Students' Union

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