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Welcome to our City Law Society Journal! 


The City Law Society Journal is City's sole, student-led publication of legal scholarship, proudly endorsed and supported by the City Law School, City, University of London. The Journal endeavours to give all students, regardless of discipline or university the opportunity to publish their work and proudly welcomes submissions from alumni, faculty, and legal professionals.


It is with great pride that I am running the project along with 9 other members of our Editorial Board. I encourage you to look through our pages, view previous volumes, and familiarise yourselves with our Submissions Guidelines.

We hereby cordially invite you to submit pieces or abstracts to – the City Law Society Journal accepts submissions on a rolling basis until  November 1st. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the Editorial Board should you have any questions.


Best Wishes, 


Shabana Ciara Elshazly


About us 

The City Law Society Journal is a student-run law review, appointed by the elected committee of the City Law Society at City, University of London, whose primary objective is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. The Editorial Board is comprised of City, University of London students from all years of study and discipline.

The Journal's Editorial Board make all editorial decisions of the Journal, independent of other teams on the City Law Society. In regard to organisational decisions, these are the prerogative of the Journal Editor-in-chief, except in regard to financing and creating unprecedented operations. The City Law Society Journal maintains close ties with the City Law School and an Academic Advisory Board of academics from the City Law School faculty offer input during the final stage of the editorial process but this is strictly advisory and cannot overturn decisions of the Editorial Board.

 The Editorial Board is solely responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Journal but liaises regularly with the elected committee of the City Law Society Journal. The City Law Society Journal is proud to be part of the City Law Society and to be endorsed by the City Law School. The Journal is published annually in February and stored at the British Library.

Mission Statement

The City Law Society Journal primary objective is to create a Journal of legal scholarship and the Editorial Board will do this to the best of its ability. The Law Review is sworn to upholding the integrity of the peer-review process and will only select articles on merit alone. The Editorial Board understands that all internal positions are collectively crucial and that students are primarily at university to obtain a degree; with this in mind, the editorial board will always afford respect and understanding to one another and act in a calmly manner conducive to a healthy working environment in the spirit of solidarity, tolerance, and respect.


Volume III

Volume III Table of Contents:

Click icon to view Volume III

  • Editors Note Syed Shabbir Haider Naqvi-Bokhari

  • Forward Professor Chris Ryan

  • Doctors, parents, and the court- deciding best interests post Charlie Gard Ilana Davis

  • ‘Snus you lose’ Matthew Manso de Zuniga

  • Asteroid Mining and The Legal Issues Surrounding The Area Can David Benun

  • Virtual justice: Video-conferencing in courts and our right to a fair hearing Laurène Veale

  • Libel on Twitter post the Defamation Act 2013: An Overview Isabella Cordua

  • Tackling the problem of pollution under the HKC, Marianna Alexoglou

  • Form E = MC2?: ‘Genius’ in the family courts’ Henrietta Boyle

  •  Sexual harassment in the workplace: how women are failed by the law Rosie Richardson

  • The inexorable rise of investor-state arbitration in regional and bilateral agreements Laura McDonald

  • No Más Bloqueo: Cuba, the US Blockade and Human Rights Lucy Chapman

  • Case C-210/06 Cartesio: An excessive restriction on the right of establishment of companies Sandra Ekpo

  • Mr Big’s the people canada’s Mr. Big Sting and the lawfulness of the confessions it has produced Gwendolyn Shaw

  • Bermuda’s Paradise (Status) Lost Izabella Arnold

  • Businesses are exploiting human psychology to their advantage, why is the law not taking account of this? Olaoluwa Awogbade

  • Afterword Dr. David Seymour

Previous Volumes: 

Volume II- 2016/2017

Volume I- 2015/2016



The City Law Society Journal accepts submissions in the following 4 categories:

 Essays must be 2000 – 5000 words in length, inclusive of footnotes.

Articles should be 5001-14,000 words in length, inclusive of footnotes.

 Letters to the Editor should be approximately 850-1000 words in length, inclusive of footnotes. They are legal opinion pieces on areas of contemporary legal relevance.

 Case notes should be 1,000-2,000 words in length, inclusive of footnotes.

Book Reviews are not accepted and will not be published.

Get Involved


The City Law Society Journal accepts Editor applications annually from the months of September to October.


The team is chosen through a process of application by the Law Society Elected Committee and the Journal's editor-in-chief. 


Selection process - The Editorial Board

Submission Guidelines - Writers

Cambridge Redbook

OSCOLA 4th Edition


Letters to the Editor

2018 Submissions:

The Editorial Board welcomes Letters to the Editor on a rolling basis addressed to the Journal's Editor-in-chief.

Letters to the Editor are opinion pieces on contemporary legal matters. Letters to the Editor should be approximately 850-1000 words in length, inclusive of footnotes.

All are invited to submit  to:

Izabella Arnold-

Bermuda's Paradise (status) Lost

Olaoluwa Awogbade-

Businesses are exploiting human psychology to their advantage, why is the law not taking account of this? 


Annual Launch 

The Annual City Law Society Journal launch was hosted on 21/03/18.

The event began with opening remarks from the Journal's Editor-in-chief, Shabbir Bokhari, and the interim Dean, Professor Chris Ryan, inducting Dr. David Herling and Jo Rogers into the Journal's newly formed Honarary Board.

Following a writer's symposium in which writers spoke about their work, Dr. Herling and Jo Rogers spoke about their legal careers. The Writers Award for Excellence was awarded to Lucy Chapman by the interim Dean.


The Editors Award for Excellence was awarded to Shabana Elshazly and Rabiya Khawaja by Dr. Seymour. The Editorial Board would like to thank all who attended a wonderful launch in which the Journal's historic  achievements were celebrated.


External Support

The City Law Society Journal Patron System consists of Editorial Board alumni who are able to serve in an advisory capacity and assist in securing financial support for the Journal through utilising any contacts they may have, or by contacting editorial board alumni they may know, or contacting contacts the editorial board alumni may have. Journal Patrons are hand-selected annually by the Journal’s incumbent Editor-in-chief; selections are solely limited to incumbent editors who have made an exceptional contribution to the running of the Journal and are likely to show the project continued support in years to come.

The Advisory Academic Board is created by the Journal’s incumbent Editor-in-chief with the assistance of the Editorial Board every year. Academics with specialties which correlate with the subject matter of submitted pieces should be chosen so that they can better offer advice on pieces during peer-review. The Journal’s Academic Advisory Board should be selected as soon as abstracts or completed pieces are approved for selection in the Journal. The Academic Board is then dissolved at the end of the year and listed in the Journal. The Board serves in a purely academic capacity and its decisions do not override the decisions of the incumbent editorial board.

The Journal’s Honorary Board is a list of well-known, respected and influential individuals who can support the Journal and promote it amongst their peers. Honorary Board members should only be contacted with the consent of the Journal’s Editor-in-chief who inducted them onto the Board.


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